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“Every day I am inspired. Life’s beauty surrounds me in all forms – people, places, experiences, colors – they move me to create and remain passionate about my work.”

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in South Florida, Stacey Klevens Housenbold grew up in a tropical environment that nurtured her passion of color. Always a student of art, Stacey has been exploring various artistic media throughout her life. She received her BFA from the University of South Florida and completed a postgraduate program in Paris, France studying art and photography. Professionally, Stacey pursued a career as a graphic designer and accumulated over 25 years of experience. She now adds jewelry design to her multi-discipline interests and professional life.

In May 2013, Stacey founded and launched Chák Chic Bling for the Soul”.  Building on a long standing attraction to various forms of stones, druzies and raw geodes, she purposefully began to design her first timeless collection. Committed to translating, as well as combining, the physical beauty and metaphysical energies of gemstones, Chák Chic creates unique, captivating and affordable pieces for women, to empower women. Chák Chic researches and imports top grade stones and components from all over the world. Each finding is hand selected ranging from 22kt gold plated and sterling silver beads to top grade gemstones.

The soulful focus of Chák Chic is far reaching individually and collectively via a brand commitment to donate a portion of it’s’proceeds to several organizations supporting Autism Spectrum Disorders. Stacey resides in South Florida with her husband and their 2 daughters. Not so surprisingly, both girls share their mother’s passion as they each have their own collection of rocks, stones and “whatnot”.


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